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The O’Meara Process

Since 1986, David O’Meara has inspired athletes to reach their full potential using a revolutionary coaching process that drives them to achieve unprecedented performance.

Power of Perception

By understanding the importance of perception [how we see events, others and ourselves] generates all our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Perceptions are the only thing an athlete can control. The O’Meara Process focuses on our client’s perceptions to create lasting change that results in a confident, creative, and self-disciplined athlete.
The O'Meara Process | The Power of Perception

Perception: An Example

In tennis, a skilled player may perceive a high-floater as an easy shot and approach it more relaxed knowing that they can crush it. However, more often than not the player will hit this ball inconsistently by swinging hard without focus.

A floater is high, slow moving and has little-to-no spin. A ball like this is actually unpredictable and challenging to hit with accuracy.

So, we need change the player’s perception on floaters. A high ball without spin is easily affected by wind and will bounce differently than a spinning ball. Additionally, a slower ball will require an adjustment to the player’s natural rhythm and timing.

This is no time to relax. The player needs to heighten their focus and react to the ball’s unusual movement. The 10-steps of The O’Meara Process will help the player make this change permanent.

David O’Meara

David O'Meara | The O'Meara Process
As a coach, consultant, competitive athlete and author, David’s unique approach provides measurable results that truly last. David has made a career of inspiring amateur and professional athletes of all ages. He has consulted with sports programs around the world including athletes, coaches and teams in India, Nigeria, Guyana, and Jordan. He has co-authored three books: Tennis UnlimitedPlay Better, Live Better and Creating Amazement which document the application of his coaching methodology. Living in Sarasota, Florida, David is an accomplished runner (still able to break a 5-minute mile at 55 years old), certified personal trainer and committed vegan.

Over the years, David’s services have grown to include the following brands:

The O'Meara Process

The O’Meara Process for coaching process, speaking engagements, books and tennis consulting

The One Mile Runner

The One Mile Runner for research, development and testing of new exercises, training methods, recovery techniques, athletic equipment and vegan products

Body Protection

Body Protection for injury prevention and high-performance athletic training programs customized to the athlete’s sport

Athlete Testimonials

“David O’Meara helped change my perception on life. While playing tennis on the professional tour, I learned from David that success is about committing the time, energy and dedication to the goals that I set for myself. I learned to understand and enjoy the journey of life, instead of criticizing the past. I have been able to apply the principles I learned from David not just on the court, but now in my new career as an investment banker.”
Kristy Blumberg

Former WTA Player, USA

“I scheduled a tennis lesson with David, and within fifteen minutes I realized that he was giving me the best lesson I had ever experienced. It was also unlike any lesson I had ever had … There was no basket of balls. There was no ‘feeding’. There were almost no corrections … [but] there were a lot of questions. Questions about what I wanted to accomplish. About what I observed as I played… I walked away from the lesson wanting to know more.”
Barbara Luehring

Co-Author of Play Better, Live Better, USA

“You know I was really a head case before I met David. I used to have a terrible temper on the court, and I just couldn’t control it. Losing a match or even just missing a shot made me explode. I’m not like that now. David showed me that there was another way that I could look at things. He got me to understand that it was my choice how I saw things. It is really amazing… By learning to observe instead of judge, the anger doesn’t even show up.”
Amateur Tennis Player

Tennis Consulting Client, USA

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If you are a professional athlete, an aging athlete, a team striving for competitive advantage or just an competitive amateur athlete that wants to overcome their perceived limitations, contact David and he will customize a specific lesson or workout to help you excel at your sport.
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